Swansea Brew Club

With all the hundreds of brands of beer available at the beer and liquor stores, why would anyone want to put in any time and effort in making and bottling their own? Well, for a start, it's cheaper, purer and tastes better than the beer you buy at a retail store!

Swansea Beer Club is located in Toronto's Swansea village right near the Queensway and the South
Kingsway.  Just like other Brewing Clubs, the beer is made on the premises and is all -natural and unpasteurized, so pretty much free of any additives and  preservatives that make you sick! 
It takes about two weeks from your order date for your "batch" to be ready.  There is a one-time investment of reusable plastic bottles and caps, and that is your only other expense.  It takes about an hour to bottle.  But what an hour that is! With the gregarious James keeping you company and discussing the intricacies of beer and wine.  The beer you will end up with tastes better than commercialized, pasteurized beer.  The pasteurization does make the beer keep longer, but it also removes much of the flavor, including the sweet honey aroma of the hop nectar and bready hints of the barley. 
Unpasteurized is how draft beer is, and how beer has been for hundreds of years when it was a staple of the European diet (as well as the only safe source of drinking water!) Being pure and free of additives is less likely to give you a hangover, and the cleanliness of the well-maintained premises means you won't be getting one from dirty lines, as one may from the draft from seedy bars.  Oh but I'm not putting down commercialized pubs and taverns, they're a lot of them out there that run a clean establishment and hey it's great to get out for a pint with some friends, but this is a great alternative to the beer fridge at home!  Less cost (actually 2/3 or less than the price of commercial beer) and great taste (naturally carbonated, with no added sugar!)  Now I'm sounding like an ad.

After bottling, just be sure to keep your beer as cool as possible and out of direct sunlight and it will stay fresh. I really think that if more people knew about the superior product of Swansea and other brew-on-premises shops, the commercial breweries wouldn't dominate the market as they do. But anyways, what do I know?