Historic Fort York - Toronto

 In the mood for some historical exploration? Well, this year marks the Bicentennial Commemoration of the War of 1812, and what better place to visit than Historic Fort York in Toronto. The Fort is best to view and photograph on cloudier days. I guess it inspires the somber mood of the reason the fort was built in the first place, however I happened to be there right in the middle of a bright sunny afternoon! So I brought the cloudy day to my pictures, and did the entire album in black and white. I'll put in a few splashes of colour here then! Can you spot him ? I guess now you know why soon camouflage was invented!

But it's hardly the mood to inspire or reflect on the Historical buildings of Fort York of 1812. Lieutenant-governor John Graves Simcoe had ordered Fort York built as well as establishing a naval base in order to control Lake Ontario. He did this because of the scare of an oncoming war from the United States! That's a change, EH? At that time, we were under British rule and when Britain was at war, we were at war. (Of course that all stopped in 1867 when we became Canada). The British at that time became allies with the Native people who were fighting against the Americans to claim territories. So we were called for aid and Toronto was called York then, hence the name Fort York was established.

This year, other cities such as Mississauga, Hamilton, and Niagara Falls have had and will continue to have celebrations and exhibits of the Bi-centennial Commemoration of the war of 1812. Hamilton’s Dundurn Castle was built on the history of the War of 1812, so it's also worth seeing. As well as their Military Museum and Fieldcote Museum have exhibits. There is a world of history within reach.

However, Canada’s largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings and 1813 battle site is right in the centre of downtown Toronto. It’s open all year long. When I was there, they performed a firing drill and the flag lowering demonstration. It was quite the sight and sound to see with all the colors and pageantry of the Fort York Guard.

I actually really want to go back there to take more time to read all the showcases and paraphernalia. It closes at 5:00, and I think it was about 4:20, so not enough time to get all my photos in and read on the history as well. Just another site to see when you are Exploring Toronto!