Lynde Shores (Waterfront Trail)

This portion of the trail from  Lakeside Park in Ajax to Port Whitby was explored on a bike instead of walking.  When you first come through Lakeside Park in Ajax you'll have one of the nicest views of Lake Ontario on the Waterfront trail.  Located on the south east area of Ajax, Lakeside has plenty of wildlife to see because of its close proximity to Carruthers Marsh and Lake Ontario.  

Carruthers Creek Marsh area has no formal paths but it's  been traveled so many times through so many generations of nature lovers, you'll see numerous informal pathways.  It is considered a Provincially Significant Wetland (also known as Watershed) area and is accessible to hikers and walkers who want to visit here.  You'll see many sedges and rushes, and of course ducks, birds and fish that come to feed here.  I'm still working on capturing that 'awesome' fowl photo, but they keep flying :)

The trail goes north and you'll find yourself on and off-road paths but its a nice mix from stunning homes on Ortono Road, to rolling hills of farmland to the wooded scenery of Lynde Shores Conservation Area.

The Lynde Shores Conservation Area  is 156 hectares of land on Lake Ontario along Lynde Creek.  It includes parts of the Cranberry marshes, a natural habitat for marsh birds and wildlife in the area.  If you ever want to visit this place, you'll have to make sure to take a garbage bag with you because it's garbage-free which means anything you bring into Lynde Shores, you take out of Lynde Shores.  There are no picnic tables inside the C.A., but there are some near the parking lot off of Victoria Street, if you want to stop for something to eat before going in.

By the way, if you are coming here by car, you can park on the side Victoria street (east of Halls Rd).  Did not visit the Conservation area, but on this day opted to go down Halls Road instead and headed east on Victoria Street towards Port Whitby. Great run today, and will come back to visit the Conservation Area on foot.  Still in all, saw lots of beautiful scenery and took way too many pictures. 

One last thing...
If you are wondering about the butterfly...I found her on the soft shoulder on Victoria Street.  I stopped to pick her up off the pavement and put her on top of a wooden post, and gave her something to eat.