Cresentwood Park / Toronto Hunt Club

Just west of 'Rosetta's Gardens' is the Toronto Hunt Club which purchased the property in 1895.  The property, which extends from Kingston Road to the lake shore hasn't been used in hunting activities since the 1930's when it became a private golf club.

I spoke to the Vice President of the Hunt Club to ask him a few questions about membership and whether I could take some pictures inside.  He told me a basic membership was $39,000 / per year!  He also mentioned that the 'Hunt Club' had put millions of dollars into cleaning up and revamping the lake front and the results were so good, others followed suit as an example.  So we wanted to have a peek at the 'modeled' beaches at the base of the bluffs to see how it looked.  

 We slid down the side of a very steep embankment (south end of Warden Avenue), roughly 30 metres down, followed by a few men who told me to 'take my time'.  It was smooth in some places, with the odd flat landing to rest before continuing.  Obviously going the right way, (as others were doing the same thing), I was pretty scared doing this (and I don't scare easily).  This was a private beach area so this would explain the unusual challenge getting to it.  I wouldn't be coming back up this way because I have already planned my route out to check out the R.C. Harris Filtration Plant west of here.

Finally at the bottom, we see shoreline, pristine beaches, a few scattered sunbathers, some rock piles, and no wait...what are they wearing? What is everyone not wearing is a better question?  It would seem entering west of Cresentwood Park and into the shoreline that followed, I was overdressed!  Quickly I put away my camera so they wouldn't think I was creeping them!  
looks kinda sad to me

The Vice President at the Hunt Club, must have forgotten to mention this to me....:)
Off note: The pictures for the Toronto Hunt Club will come at a later date.  Busy season (no doubt.. :)