Progreston Falls .. Again!

We went back to Progreston Falls again, for a quick visit to take another look at this beauty in Carlisle.

This area is so peaceful and has a very nostalgic feel to it.  The last time I had photographed the falls from a very unique angle off the left bank while perched on a 45 degree angle!

I find though that getting lower by using the metal staircase will give you a clearer access point to take a good shot, without risking your life or getting wet..  Of course please be careful, as in any waterfall area you never know what to expect.  I found that the best defense is to buy a good pair of rubber boots with solid traction, at least.  I wear hunting boots with vulcanized rubber and have warm neoprene lining and adjustable straps so this is a very good choice when you're buying a pair.

Respect this particular waterfall as I do believe it is designated as private property.  You will find an interesting history with Carlisle.  (search this blog for 'Progreston Falls-Carlisle').

There are some great details on how to get there by clicking Here!