Cheese Boutique

                  The Cheese Boutique is an example of a successful family business that was passed down for 3 generations! The boutique opened its doors in 1970 and since then has delivered every imaginable cheese under the sun from all over the world.  These guys really know their stuff.  Even if you are vague in your description of what you like, you know " its kind of crumbly and tangy,..." well you get the idea, the staff are all knowledgeable and they have to be! They serve local chefs who apparently come here for their ingredients, such as proscuito, foie gras? , truffles and of course.. cheese!! :P

It's also way more than just cheese here, they have prepared foods from all over the world, lavender bread..(which I've never tried, but sounds so inviting!) Who doesn't love the smell of lavender? White asparagus? There are fresh produce and candied flavoured strawberries from the local farmers.  There are tarts, pies, meat pizzas (oh so delicious!), expresso to go and just in time I noticed from the wrap around counter, the deli meat that hangs above the busy employees and not one of them are standing still for a moment!  

There's a cheese cave too! Oh did I mention, there is cheese here? No touching in here, but the staff are happy to let you in to take a peak.  Within seconds you smell the aromas of cheese filling your nostrils in every unimaginable shape and size.  It's perfect.  When you come out you will find spices, and condiments from every part of the world, and a whole section just dedicated to chocolate truffles!  

What I love about this place is the stacks of toothpicks for all of your sampling desires! Every where you turn there is a sample or two to nibble on.  There are often demos which will offer tastes of local wine and crackers to go with any kind of cheese you love.
I never spent a dime, but was so overwhelmed to take pictures that I couldn't decide anyways on what I wanted, and for some time I felt like a tourist in my own city!  Next time, I'll do my homework, so I'll be more prepared to take home more than just pictures :)
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