Albion Falls - Hamilton

Albion Falls is a great little waterfall located in Hamilton's east end.  It's a popular focal point of the King's Forest and has a year round flow so you won't be disappointed like some of the other waterfalls in Hamilton, which have a seasonal flow onlyThere's a nice hike here as well through the King's Forest.   

Although I prefer more of a curtain-like cascade, or a secluded waterfall, Albion is still a great one to view, especially for the first time.  It's very accessible, as it has a parking lot right across the street. There is still quite a tricky hill to go down, but for the most part it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to get a bird's eye view, front and centreYou'll notice right away why it is categorized as a complex cascade as it has multi-level tiers and makes for a nice backdrop for simple wedding pictures.  I wouldn't suggest bringing the whole wedding party here, but certainly a pre-wedding romantic shot would be nice, which I've seen here plenty of times.  

There are many different vantage points for picture taking here, but for me it's been over-photographed, so it isn't a favorite of mine anymore.   It's kind of like that favorite song that gets played too much on the radio and you find yourself not wanting to hear it anymore!  Like I said for the first time viewer though, this is always a great start!

Click for some really interesting  historic facts about this 19 metre high waterfall I never knew about until now!