Battlefield House Museum

The Battlefield Monument is a pretty ominous tower and pretty hard to miss when you're driving along the Centennial Parkway in Hamilton.  Located just east of the parkway off of King Street West, is the site of the Battlefield House Museum and Park.  

The monument was built just after the turn of the century to honour the British crown as well as to honor the soldiers in the Battle of Stoney Creek.  This was also to act as a reminder to all future generations of the impact of another important war.  The War of 1812.  It was a time where communities were active in improving themselves by building awareness through education (libraries) and history (museums).

Right now isn't the best time to go here as they are under restorations to the Gage House, but you are still able to view the grounds anytime to take pictures.  Free for now. 

The city's Tourism and Cultural division has finally finished the restoration of the Gage House (Battlefield Museum) and although many structural reconstructions will continue for another few years, the doors will open once again to the public on Tuesday November 27, 2012.  If not for anything else, I strongly believe in supporting historical places. Without preserving our history, we will have no foundation for a solid future.

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