Billy Green Falls - Hamilton

Billy Green Falls, is found just off a fairly busy regional road (Centennial Parkway). It is considered a "complex ribbon" cascade at a height of about 17 metres.  It goes by Battlefield Falls because its on Battlefield Creek.  

It had a pretty good flow when I was there in the spring so I was able to take a few decent shots. 

After about five minutes another couple showed up and it kind of distracted me because I was getting the impression they were being polite to allow me my space, so I didn't want to take advantage of that.  

It was a rush job, and by the time I went through most of my pictures they all looked pretty much the same here, it's a shame because it really isn't such a bad area.  There are lots of photo opportunities here, so definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for challenging POV's.  

There is a fascinating war story surrounding Billy Green and this waterfall found here:
Access to this water fall is 43.2072,-79.7664.  Just enter that into your google map and you're there.