Buttermilk Falls - Hamilton

 Buttermilk Falls...is not my favorite.  I haven't seen it from the bottom up, mind you, because I have yet to take the hike in from Albion Falls.  I've been to Albion more than a few times, but have yet to take the King's Forest Walk to this waterfall.

It's known as a terraced-ribbon waterfall and honestly if you think you can take a short-cut by photographing from the top off Mountain Brow Blvd., forget it because there is no impressive view from there. I don't have a natural fear of heights so I have no problem walking to the ledge, but still I was disappointed yet again by the flow here from Grindstone Creek, even after Hurricane Sandy.    The waterfall is about 23 metres high and 8 metres wide making it one of the largest waterfalls of Hamilton and it flows all year long. However, the amount of flow is unpredictable as you can see.   I wasn't happy with the pictures, but that had nothing to do with anything other than the lack of green everywhere.  All the foliage was dying and made for some pretty sombre landscapes. 

new waterfall discovery...:)
If you want to find this particular waterfall to add to your collection, my suggestion is to walk from Albion Falls first, then hike through King's Forest walk and you'll hook up with Buttermilk before moving on toward Red Hill Creek and Glendale Falls.  The view from down below may be better!  If you've got pictures to share, feel free to send them to my email in the sidebar on this blog.  

Here's how to get there!