Centennial Falls - Hamilton

Let's be honest, when you think of a 'waterfall' you usually have visions of crashing water cascading over a rocks or a silky ribbons of water over a quiet riverbed.  I figured after hurricane Sandy's stormy rainfalls, there would have been something leftover for Centennial Falls in Hamilton, but there really wasn't anything more than a trickle.  You'll traditionally see more of a flow here after the snow melt anyways, so coming here in the early spring is your best bet. I know you can't really tell by these pics, but the height is about 10 metres (33 feet) high.  I've seen pictures of this waterfall in full flow, and it can be more impressive than what you see here.

There is 'no authority or rules' to define or classify a waterfall, my guess would be that it is really up to us to decide which we personally would consider one.  Centennial has been described as a 'terraced ribbon cascade waterfall".  

If you carefully yield to park to the side of Centennial Parkway and walk down a relatively sloped hill, you'll see it pretty close to the parkway.  It's very messy in there, especially after the rain where its slippery.  There are large rocks in the area and tree twigs sticking out of the ground as well as overhead.  It looks to be ignored for the most part except for the garbage that gets tossed over from the overpass above.  

There's a tunnel below that leads under the parkway and I curiously (like most of us) found myself peeking through it to try and make out a large blob at the other end.  As I took a step into it, a wild dog runs through it to charge at me for entering his territory.  I got the hell out of there fast, but think I left my heart in my throat back there still..

Centennial is not without its charm though, and if you dare to enter it from this point (off Centennial) you will find the Bruce Trail up on top and Felkers Falls, a far more picturesque waterfall just to the west of it.

Didn't spend much time in the area due to time constraints (again) but took more than enough pictures of the area.  Just up the parkway from here, and you will find Billy Green falls, a far more pictorial 'waterfall' :)

I'm tired of looking at garbage around these falls, aren't you, haha? 

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