Websters Again!

A beautiful alternative to Niagara is Websters Falls in the Spencer Gorge at Greensville...
There are plenty of beautiful picture opportunities to take as well as relatively safe hiking trails as well.  

If you haven't already been here, it's a must see with flows all year long.  There's also plenty to do once you're here if from out of town.  There are several other falls and cascades nearby, including Tews Falls, Borers and Hermitage Cascade. Click on the link above for directions.  I was surprised to see very little water coming off of Tews (fed from the Spencer Creek) before the rains came this week.  If you're into hiking, there are plenty of Sanctuarys and Conservations Areas of course, such as Rock Chapel, Borers Falls CA, Dundas Valley CA, Christie Lake CA and what I like to call the 'Crooks'  

And of course if you are into Sightseeing on the ground level and up perspective, there is an Antique shop close by and the Hamilton Farmer's Market.  History lovers, will find the Hermitage Ruins interesting as well as the Dundurn Castle, which I have yet to see inside!!  Of course the Royal Botanical Gardens, but I prefer the hikes and historical places.  

You might see other earlier shots (winter) on this blog when I was here last year!