Canterbury Falls- Hamilton

 It's been a very long two weeks after a crushing blow to the family.  I wept for my sons who lost their father both unexpectedly and much too young.   Alan Laine had left quite the legacy as over 200 people showed up for his funeral and I just had to sit back and smile during the reception afterwards to listen to the stories and laughter spread across the room filled with people who had something funny to tell about 'Big Al'.  During the eulogy there were stories shared of his strength and fellowship by his dearest friends and music played in honor for his life, which brought me and my sons to tears.

The service was respectful and not over-indulgent.  Just long enough to keep our attention and the visitation the day before brought me to tears as I had said my final goodbyes to the man I loved for his dedication to fatherhood.  He was a pillar of strength and will be missed by his co workers and friends and family.

My sons are taking this hard as his death was untimely for them, but the three of them were lucky enough to spend the last few years living together building and mending bonds.  My own husband has been patient and understanding through my grieving and allowing me all the time and space I need to be there for my family.  

Many times in life when we lose someone we care about, we turn to the church for support.  I may not attend church as much as others, but I never lost my faith and my hope in my spirituality.  Whatever God is to me, it lives wherever I do, and I am able to talk and listen to my own better judgement to which I can trust is the answers to anything I need to know.

The Canterbury Falls in Hamilton is owned by the Anglican Church of Canada.  The surrounding land is facilitated as a conference retreat, church and children's camp.  I hoped to spot some deer but it was just too frigid out for them I suppose.  These pictures were shot at dusk and the exposure was set high to get as much light as possible, but I was not very happy with the pictures.  The last time I saw Canterbury there was no water at all so was surprised to read that it has a year-round flow.  I will be pleased to finally take a fine shot and get down about 10 metres (32 feet) to get a good shot of the entire cascade.  The waterfall is a tributary of sulphur springs creek.

After a few hours of walking in the cold outdoors, I felt a little better, and the flow of the waterfalls reminds us all that life goes on...