Brookbanks Park and Deerlick Creek

If you are heading northbound on the Don Valley Parkway just south of the York Mills exit, you may notice a small sign just off to the side which read, 'Deerlick Creek' the Don Watershed.  I love the Don Valley because it was my first exposure to the trails within Ontario, so with some time to explore, we decided to take the next exit at York Mills road.  

A quick look to the right heading eastbound and you'll notice a street called Valleywoods, which is a good starting point.  

The park isn't called Valleywoods, which I thought it should be, but instead it's called BrookbanksJust a short distance west of the entrance to the park, the Deerlick Creek flows into the park from the north. 

Shortly after entering the park, you'll go over a lovely bridge that will have you crossing over the Deerlick's west bank.  A quick look up at the expanse of tall forested trees along the path and a typical robin looks outward from a branch.  A mourning cloaked butterfly drops down to the path to say hello.  

The rocky creek bed is visible along the path, making it safe to take a closer look, or to skip a stone or two across the water.    Keep in mind that Deerlick Creek is part of the East Don Watershed project, so don't expect to go fishing or swimming here.  It's just a very pretty setting in the centre of a large community shared among residents in houses and apartments, so expect for the most part that you will be sharing the park with many

Historically speaking, as with any kind of modernization of civilization, much of nature gets uprooted, repositioned or destroyed to make way for the needs of city life.  This 1.85 km spot of preserved parkland is one of hundreds of projects in the city to bring back what was once lost.  

 Oh and by the way, the trail ends at Brookbanks Avenue...go figure :)