Port Darlington (Waterfront Trail)

Port Darlington is the part of the waterfront trail that will be of special interest to those who like boats and boating.  

These pictures were taken a few weeks back and we've gone through up until Port Hope at the Ganaraska lately.  If you want to check out the slip house here, you'll see plenty of different kinds of boats, and the variety of spars and masts reflecting off the water provide a photographer's paradise! 

If you're interested in fishing or simply in cruising the lake you can hire a boat at the Port Darlington Marina.  The restaurant nearby has a screened balcony, an ideal setting for a meal.  

Historically, this was once known as Port Darlington, and once among Lake Ontario's busiest ports, shipping millions of tonnes of grain, lumber, and other products annually.  While one wharf houses a grain elevator and was used for industrial shipping, the other welcomed the passenger steam ships that called dailyThe port was so busy that the wagons that carried the produce had to wait their turn at the docks!  Remnants of the once stately Victorian summer cottagers are here, as it was once a very popular vacation spot.  

The Master's House located on Port Darlington was bought by the Municipality of Clarington and the community hopes to turn this into a Museum to show all the artifacts and display the community's early history.  So, if you are still reading this, I would guess like me you might be interested in history as well.  Here's another great trip to take:  Venture eastward onto East Beach Road and it will become easy to understand why this was a good area in the 1880s and 90s for people thinking of buying a cottage as the view is breathtaking.
We will be back, and I suggest waiting for another few weeks at least to come here as the ideal way to travel along East Beach Road is on bike or foot, so you can stop frequently to enjoy the view. 

I'll try to map out a better description with more colorful pics as the weather becomes more pleasant, or you can discover your own journey here.