Bellamy Ravine

The Bellamy ravine flows down from Kingston Road in Scarborough south into the shores of Lake Ontario.  I've written before about the Bellamy Ravine (see Gates of Gully' in this blog).  The official name for the trail is the Doris McCarthy trail in honor of the renowned Canadian painter who occupied the first house on the Scarborough Bluffs, just above this site.

I had mentioned previously about a shipwreck of the Alexandria that sunk at the foot of the beach in 1915. There are very visible pieces of metal left over from the wreck and it is amazing how this remains here in the water after so many years.

I took another photo of the metal sculpture located at the base of the trail called, "Passage" done by Marlene Hilton Moore.  From this angle, it resembles a pair of hands folding (well from a distance anyways).