Tiffany Falls - Hamilton

 The Tiffany Falls, is really a very pretty waterfall.  Its classified as a ribbon waterfall and is 21 metres high.  It's a shame that I didn't catch this beauty right after a rainfall, but instead right in the middle of a heat wave in Ontario.  Tiffany is located in the Tiffany Falls Conservation Area, which is just off Wilson Avenue as you descend the escarpment.  There is a small parking lot off to the side and you see a large sign identifying it as you enter.  

Tiffany Falls is made

up of two waterfalls, the Upper and Lower Falls.  The Lower Falls, cascades 19 metres from a valley above the escarpment and the Upper Falls, is about 6 metres located above.  There are dolostone cliffs on either side, and as you can guess if you are feeling at all adventurous, you will have to climb the rock wall above the Lower Tiffany as seen here, to reach Washboard Falls (Upper Tiffany).  

Most of the waterfalls have typical Bruce trail terrain, with rocks to step over and steep ascents and descents, so even if the flow isn't there, you won't be disappointed with the beauty that's all around you anyways.  Hey with a trail that is 840 km long, you are bound to see a thing or two. 

Historically speaking, Tiffany Falls was named after Dr. Oliver tiffany who was the areas first doctor.  he studied in Massachusetts and came to live in Ancaster in 1796.  you will find this waterfall very accessible as it has a pull off area off of Wilson Avenue in Hamilton.  The route is direct to get to and is nearby Sherman Falls as well (Old Lions club Road).   

  Note: As of October 2, 2016 - No parking zones in affect.