Upper Mill Falls - Ancaster

The Upper Mills Falls  (also known as Ancaster Falls or Old Mill Falls) is situated beside the Ancaster Old Mill Restaurant and is about 7 metres high and 4 metres across.

It is considered a complex classic cascade, but I just consider it beautiful.  As in any waterfall picture, a tripod is necessary unless you can rest it steadily enough on a rock or ledge of some kind.  These two pictures are obviously taken a different times of day and from different vantage points.  

The waterfall is adjacent to the Ancaster Mill Restarurant which serves the classic fare that you can expect from an upper middle class menu.  A very popular location for wedding receptions because of its picturesque views from within the restaurant.   

Although the water treatment of the falls are man made outside the restaurant, the actual water source is taken from the Ancaster Creek and is an all-year-round flow (more or less) although it does sometimes freeze up in the winter.

Just a little background about the Old Mill Restaurant (Ancaster Mill).   In 1832 Harris and Alonzo Egleston who had once worked for the William Wiard's foundry had made enough money to eventually buy him out. 

They then expanded their own business and rebuilt the Grist Mill in 1863, which is now known as the Ancaster Mill on Old Dundas Road.  This was the 4th mill in Ancaster and the third to be rebuilt at the current location.  The originals were all destroyed by fire, one in 1812, the second in 1818, and the third damaged by fire in 1954.