Exploring the Bowmanville Zoo

The Bowmanville Zoo may not be Canada's largest zoo, but it is certainly Canada's oldest private zoo, founded in 1919 in Bowmanville, Ontario.

This zoo has some pretty impressive creatures considering it's size.  Including the gorgeous Bengal Tiger named Jonas from the movie "Life of Pi" (which I saw and thoroughly loved!!).  Jonas was no where around.  He was either getting a massage, or busy brushing up on his part in another movie spot.  Did you know that the Bowmanville Zoo is Canada's largest supplier of Hollywood movie animals? 

Limba the Elephant is the only Elephant at the zoo, and although animal activists claim that she is or must be unhappy, evidence goes to the contrary.  She is 50 years old and is in excellent health.  At one time there apparently were 6 elephants that lived in the zoo, but Limba shied away or fear them.  She never interacted with them even though elephants are believed to be social animals.  As time went, it was proven that she simply just didn't bond with them.  

She loves people and they know this by the clicking sounds she makes or the way she moves towards the people instead of away from.  She often accompanies her keeper giving rides on her back in the zoo and she is often an attraction for families at the Bethesda House.  The Bethesda House is an organization that helps families deal with domestic violence.

The Camels at the Bowmanville zoo are also stars here and are treated very well.  Some of them have been there over 15 years.  They also were in a movie called, 'The 13th Warrior" starring Antonio Banderas (lucky camels..)  Although they are not as smart as elephants, they are still wise and are hard working.  These animals are trained, as well as their keepers to take all precautions possible for the safety of the people who ride them.

The cutest attraction here is the goats, great for kids (kids...) but watch your paper maps.  We witnessed a goat grab our map, and continue to chew on it while onlookers laughed.  I was horrified thinking it would get sick, but apparently there is enough fibre in the paper and the zoo keeper assured me the ink was non toxic and it happens all the time?

But the baby goats roam freely and are tame to pet.

The children will enjoy "Funland" and "Splash-bash" as well as the elephants rides.  

I've got a few more ideas coming up, but for me I won't be visiting a zoo again for a very long time.  I realize these animals are treated well enough and cared for but I still believe that wild animals are meant to be kept wild to do their thing and humans really have no place to that end, other than to serve and protect them in order for them to continue their life in the wild (ie. if they are in threat of extinction by way of commerce or culture)  They are not put on this planet to be caged up for me or anyone else.  

There are hundreds of different ways to help out animals in the wild, there are activists groups that focus on a specific species, or groups helping endangered, abused or abandoned animals.  Either way I think it our responsibility to support the species that share our planet, and that includes our own species as well.