Ragged Falls (Algonquin Park)

I couldn't wait to get to Algonquin Park, but I wanted to fill my thrill for waterfallin' so we drove into the Ragged Falls Oxtongue River Provincial Park.  (Incidentally there is a fee to park there). 

Before starting the trail, a couple was on their way out and they had told us that you couldn't get a really good shot of the falls except from up top.  That was a challenge in itself for me so I was determined to try and get as close as I could to take a picture.

It is true that there is a well groomed trail that leads to a nice overlook of Ragged Falls, which is about 1 km so it doesn't take very long to get through.  

I didn't want to view the falls from up top though, so I opted to climb down the side of the trail to the base where you'll encounter a mass of large and small rocks to overcome to get to the ideal vantage point for pictures at the base of the falls.   

It took a bit of manoevering over the rubble and since I am a little clumsy I usually take my time.  It reminded me so much of Chedoke Falls in Hamilton, although here it only took me about 5 minutes instead of 30 to get to the bottom.  

Ragged Falls is pretty steep and has a nice flowing 'S' shaped cascade.  The waterflow comes from Oxtongue River (which flows out of Algonquin Provincial Park) and eventually into the Lake of Bays, which is one of the sources of the Muskoka river from the south. Ultimately Muskoka River flows to Lake Huron by way of the Moon River.  

There are some nearby waterfalls  like the Gravel Chute (upstream) and Marsh's Falls (downstream).  

Some of the bigger waterfalls on the eastern side of Algonquin Park, which I've been to already are Bracebridge Falls (see my blog) and the Muskoka High Falls (which I'll post soon!).  

All in all worth a peek!