Bruce's Mill Conservation Area

 Here's another trail I came across lately called the Bruce's Mill Conservation Area.  It's a little out of the GTA, north of of the core in Stouffville (Whitchurch and 404).  It's also a little late in the year now, but opens again in early March of 2014.

There are over 92 hectares which includes over 10 km of hiking trails, a driving range, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and a pool.  This would be an awesome day trip for schools or family picnics.

I parked at the gate and walked around as far in as I could, but night was coming fast (despite the look of these pictures, darkness fell within half hour of taking them). I loved the house at the east of the front gate, so had to take some photos of that.

There is a splash pool called Bruce's Splash Pond, which is a hit in the summer months.  It must have been gorgeous in autumn with all the hardwood forests changing colours.  There are events here including pony rides, country bakes and a display of steam engines as well.

In the spring when the Conservation area opens there is a Maplefest at the Sugarbush.  Here's a video I found highlighting the festivities which start in early March when the park opens up again:  Bruce's Mill Sugarbush Maple Syrup

I don't know why, but I took this photo of this sign, which simply read "Humphrey A.W. Miles..Woodland, A Living Tribute".  Naturally since I love history so much I looked up who Humphrey A.W. Miles was, and found this link  To me, this seems almost like a marketing ploy, an advertisement for their business.  Either way, here it is.

I love this picture, with the lonely terracotta pot.  Maybe it's the sky in the foreground or maybe it's just the colors of the picture.  

If you are ever in the area of Stouffville, this offers quite a nice day trip to nature.