Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area (East Gwillimbury)

If you've ever stumbled upon a beautiful place than you will know how I felt when I came here.  The Rogers Reservoir is located in East Gwillimbury (a very difficult town to pronounce when asking directions! Thank Heavens for GPS)

This is the Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area.  It is 96 hectares of breathtakingly beautiful landscape.  Located on the Holland River, this shallow reservoir and marsh area brings in all types of nesting birds and waterfowl.

The canal is home to one of the locks along the 'ghost canal system, which was apparently built somewhere around 1911 and never used.  The idea was to aid in water transport between Newmarket and Lake Simcoe.  You can see the remnants off of Green Lane to the 2nd Concession in East Gwillimbury of the canal, a lock and a swing bridge as well.

I didn't check out the hiking trail, but instead chose to walk along the shoreline to catch some pretty awesome views here.  Maybe back again for the first signs of Spring, but for now pretty happy with the memories I caught here in my camera.