Samuel Smith Park

I have to admit, I really am NOT a winter person.  I chill to the bone and search for warmth wherever I can find it.  Just yesterday on my way into work, I wrapped myself up for a 5 minute walk going by a downtown construction site where men were out already at such an early hour in the morning.  I felt bad for them because I thought in a few minutes, I'll be warm as apple pie and they may be spending the entire day out here! 

Weekends can be tricky as I find myself having all sorts of ideas and itineraries in the evening while curled up in front of my computer, but by morning I'm still curled up in bed thinking about all kinds of reasons why to go outside at all.
I think it looks better in B & W

A positive experience I wanted to share was Arrowhead Provincial Park, located in Huntsville.  It offers a lot of outdoor activities in winter.  One of which is the over kilometre long skating trail which we did last year and loved!

The only 'con' was that it can get a little crowded which takes away from the 'man against nature' feel, but it's still something to do at least once in a lifetime!

Since I put my camera down for over a year, I never took any pictures of the day except for some on my phone which really aren't any better than anything you'll find if you do a search on Arrowhead ski trail.

Right here in the city, we have our own version of the skating trail, at Colonel Samuel Smith Park - actually several of them including one at the Brickworks so there's no need to travel north if you want to stay close to your warm bed.

Here's the unofficial but well maintained site which I found to be an excellent resource.