Edwards Gardens

I remember going to Edwards Gardens a few times as a child with my parents.  Much hasn't changed since then, as far as I can recall.  There are still beautiful garden features like annuals, roses and wildflowers surrounded by rockery here, but for the most part much is as lovely as I remembered.
Edwards Gardens and Toronto Botanical Gardens are both located  on one of several tributaries in the Don River (Wilket Creek) where you can overlook spectacular views of large centenarian willow trees, stair rises, waterfalls and bridge arches.  
The summer is when the gardens come to life, and although rarely preferring summer over fall, this is the only time when everything is in bloom.  Much of the structures on the estate originally entitled to Alexander Milne (a Scottish weaver) who  settled there after 1812 still remain.  Alexander remained only for twenty years and left the property neglected.
Thankfully the land was bought by Rupert E. Edwards in 1944 where he had created a beautiful garden and  restored the wool and sawmills still there today.  Rupert sold the property to the City of Toronto in 1955 and it then became a public park.  
Today, Edwards Gardens and Toronto Botanical Gardens are enjoyed the world over, as well as a city treasure for its hiking and cycling trails, gift shops, floral shows, as well as a photographic goldmine.  With its trimmed lawns, flower beds, rivers and creek, and exotic trees it's a perfect backdrop for a wedding and wedding parties.  

My son and his fiance were scoping out a few venues for their wedding and I can see endless possibilities for perfect photographs here.  Edwards Gardens has won an Award of Excellence for the Regional Citation category from the Canadian Society of Landscaping Architects.  I guess that explains why. 

If you do decide to have a wedding ceremony or have formal wedding pictures taken at a city park, you do need to have a permit.  I didn't know this.  If you need more information, click here.