Don Mills Subway

Don Mills bus depot / Don Mills Train tracks
Inside Don Mills Subway Concourse

Fairview Shops
The Don Mills Subway station was open to the public in 2002. It was part of the initial phase of the Sheppard line which never really took off. It was the brain child of Toronto mayor Mel Lastman, who came up with a lot of great ideas, this wasn't one of them. It ended up costing millions and millions and to this day there is only a fraction of people using the Sheppard line, which at its Eastern most part is Don mills.
While under construction , a worker named John Marinzel had died and there is a plaque in his honor on the platform level.

Food Court and 9 Movie SilverCity Theatres
Of course one of the major site attractions found at Don Mills Subway is Fairview Mall, built in the in the 70's. Back then I was just a little girl and I remember shopping at Simpson's. Of course it been and gone and now in its place is Sears Canada Department store, which I don't personally like! They have this habit of making you talk to their credit department on the phone when you are at the cashier trying to make a purchase ;) Don't know if they still do that, but never gave them a chance again!
Christmas at Fairview Mall

Since the 90's, Cadillac Fairview has spent over 200 Million dollars and 600,000 sq. ft expansion housing over 175 stores including a movie theatre, and the famous Food Court and Food Garden. Fairview Mall serves over 15,000,000 in the GTA!