Oak Ridges Moraine

The  confused 'Mishy Tree'
Patches of Clover, Violets and Ferns
Within the town of Whitby, there is a community called Brooklin.  Brooklin is still very unspoiled although thousands of homes are being built every year.  Surrounding the central core of Brooklin are the hills and forests that make up part of the Oak Ridges Moraine.  The forest trees are mostly pine as well as oak and birch.  We found some dense forest areas which contained patches of fern plants, violets and clovers.  
Camping or Tramping?

I love these remote areas to discover, always hoping to find some clues to mysteries of the past or some hidden treasure.  Brooklin was once completely dominated by farmland before becoming increasingly inhabited by people in areas to the south and east of the forests.  I still hope to see much of this woodland preserved.  I was saddened to see that we found residue of trespassers who left their soiled blankets, dirty pillows and filty bottles behind. 

Oh and I also found a "Mishy Tree" confused by the changing seasons. We had a great time.  Now that the warmer weather is upon us again I plan to do a lot more exploring.