Humber River Park and Trail (South of Eglinton)

Etienne Brule Waterfalls
There is no better way that I find to be invigorated after a long winter's slumber, than a brisk walk or hike along many of Ontario's trails.  The Humber River Park and trail is about 32 kilometres long.  It's located just northwest of central Downtown Toronto, just west of Jane Street.  This trail is utilized all year long by joggers, hikers and cyclists and the like.  My favorite part of the trail is the Humber South, located just below Eglinton Avenue. 
You go first!!
Moving further south you will come across the Humber Marshes, King's Mill Park, Etienne Brule Park, the Lambton Wood and Scarlett Mills park.  You can access the trail from
dozens of different locations, but I like the easy access to the Etienne Brule Park which is directly adjacent to the Old Mill Subway station.
Tree down..
There is no reason to have to leave the City's concrete walls to explore nature's darkest treasures; You just have to dig a little deeper!
Entrance off Weston Road
My fav picture!

   Toronto and surrounding areas have an abundance of parks and trails to enjoy! The Humber Park and Trail is just one of them.