Rouge River Trail

The Rouge River trail is an excellent trek for those just starting out in their hiking adventures! Its a fairly easy one about 10 kilometres long and only a few hills to surmount. The beauty of this trail is the gorgeous Lake Ontario views, and an abundance of natural resources which are inhabited by animals such as fox, rabbits, raccoons, pheasant, grouse and white tailed deer.

The trail is situated very close to the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo so if you are in the mood to go animal exploring you can off the trail and venture north. There weren't any larger mammals around, but I did chance upon a tiny critter just sitting in the middle of the footpath. It was a shy, baby squirrel and the cutest thing I ever saw!

The Rouge River park stretches along Lake Ontario is 11,000 acres of gorgeous scenery set in an urban area found just off of Sheppard Avenue! You will see the odd jogger and cyclist but few were out today. You may even see a horse go by. The trail also follows the Rouge River south where and goes into the Glen Rouge Park and Campgrounds. This may be unusual to find a campground in the city but apparently they are quite common in Europe!

Typical scene you'll discover!

Despite the winds, it was a perfect day out for walking!