Crothers' Woods (additional photographs)

Awesome open fields with wild flowers
Some time just before dusk last Thursday (August 18th) we had a weather storm watch, but I had an itching to go out for a ride and decided to take my 
A paved trail that I had to follow...
chances anyways.  I had read more about 'Crothers' Woods' and was amazed that this area of the valley was relatively 'untouched since 1787'! I mean I don't want to insult anyone's math abilities, but that's over 2 centuries ago and in the heart of Toronto.  That's rare here.  So that in and of itself was a reason for me to go back.  I saw a few guys on mountain bikes here and there tackling the steep walls and extensive gullies, pretty amazing athletes to do feats like that.  Then I walked my bike up a hill and followed a road that was freshly paved and curiously and comfortably rode along it until I came a dead end with a backhoe and roller.  I really hope I won't be seeing a thoroughfare coming through here off of Bayview avenue, but it is Toronto and the city has to do what they have to do I guess.  I can't complain though since there is so much park and forestry left here any ways.
just before dark and checked Leaside bridge more closely
So I turned around and went back the other way to the top of the valley passing by some dog walkers and spotted a large bird (couldn't make it out) and then the clouds rolled in and looked somewhat angry but nothing really panned out.  It was getting darker so started back  home on the trail and instead took a closer look at Leaside bridge, close to the Don River which was about 50 metres away from the bike trail.  I noticed an animal moving ahead (without my glasses I don't really notice much :) so I went in walking my bike to take a closer look.  Camera ready I saw a bunny that just stood there.  He (or she) must have stayed put for dummy to take a perfect picture.  I must have taken about 5 different shots of it trying to get the best 
Overlooking the valley below
one.  I laughed to myself thinking I'm probably taking a picture of a piece of wood.  But one of the setting on the camera let off a flash, and the bunny was gone in a flash! The picture you see here is the best of a bad lot.  I also never seen the Don River from the Leaside bridge before and the graffiti on the walls of bridge showed me I wasn't the first to discover its beauty.  Night coming soon, I left to go home and the skies waited for me to open the lobby doors before opening up and letting out a downpour for the next hour or so, cooling off the temps to a more comfortable degree.