Crothers' Woods (The Bike Trail)

Back at Crothers' Woods.  This time to check out more of the bike trails, and not just the natural, untouched settings surrounding the forests.  Some of the trails are really challenging and not for beginners.  When I am not feeling sure of some the hills, I remain on the foot trails at times when I'm a little less than confident.  I'll just use my bike as an excuse.  

The forest is a cool place to be in an otherwise hot day though.  I am not looking forward to when I can't go riding anymore, since I find myself always anxious to get back out and ride again.  

Click here to see parts of the trail: Crothers Woods Trail 
Note: dear Reader don't think it's me, or ever will be me in the video :)

Overall, the trails are safe and are usually fenced off after if the conditions are too muddy).  Generally just respect the conditions, as well as your own limitations and other riders who are less agile (like me)...  

Heading out, while crossing the train tracks, I noticed a truck up ahead riding the 'rails' to do some weekend maintenance.  He thought it was pretty "hilarious" laughing his head off while I squealed as he let out a loud honk <wiseguy :P>