Don North Trail (Flemington Park)

Don North to Flemingdon Park
Flemingdon Park (the West Don)
There is a terminus, which I mentioned earlier in the blog ("Don River Trail") which indicates that you can either go to Taylor/Massey Creek park, follow the Don River downtown or cross the bridge to Charles Sauriol Conservation Reserve which ends up at Edwards Garden (north). This is a long trek, but a really nice ride going north.  The entire trip is a slight incline but barely noticeable.  

Entering the Conservation area, there is a bridge which overlooks the DVP to the east.  Up and over and down into Flemingdon Park travelling westbound. The land historically was owned by Robert Fleming and sold as public land after his death in 1925.  A multicultural area, post second war highrises developed in 1961 turning into public housing and low income section of Toronto.  The reputation has improved since the new millennium, and since 2000, the addition of new middle upper class homes and developments have increased property values.

History out of the way, just enjoy the pics for now! The goal is Edwards Gardens, so I decided to break up the journey into park parts :)