High Park and High Park Zoo (Summer)

Enter park - Modern art
It was a great day to go for a walk and leave my bike at home and decided to check out High Park out in the west end.  High Park is stunning in the summer.  Entering the park, it won't take long before you'll meet up with some friendly squirrels.  They're so cute and are especially friendly and trusting in these more public park settings..friendly High Park squirrels
Like any other public park, you are bound to run into some modern art, there was a very strange piece of metal artwork bolted in the ground ... 
Dog-walk path / free path
Capybaras/cattle/emu :)
High Park Gardens
Entering the northwestern part of the park you will get into a structured path outlined with steel/wooden fences for dog walkers basically designed so the dogs can run free.  This opens up into an older, yet boundless path that leaves you to explore in wooded areas if you want. Once you cross the park where you'll probably see people having lunch at picnic tables, you'll find the zoo. 
Out and about (not around in the spring) I saw a couple of capybaras.  Not sure what they are? I wasn't either. They originate from South America and are the largest rodents on earth!  To me they have the face of a beaver and a body of a small hippo but they're cute nonetheless.  The Highland cattle were out again like in the spring along with the Emu which kept following me everywhere I went along the fence.  Everyone thought it was funny but I think we bonded :)
Huge rhubarb in 1st pic!
Finally the famed High Park gardens that I'd never been to and lived here my whole life.  The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  A couple of things not in my favour, a camera that is of low quality and an overcast sky, but you can get the idea of how beautiful the grounds are.  I can't believe how large rhubarb can grow..!
They have a landscape and gardening training centre on the premises and judging by the results, I would say its working.  Finally just before heading out for some food, one last stop to look at the famous Grenadier pond which looked like glass.  A few signs a long the pond warn of poison ivy so you're safe to to roam anywhere where signs are not posted because Parks and Rec are always scouting for unsafe plants.