Art Attack!!

Its kind of fun to create some 'aerial art' for the overhead flyers. 
 In the 90's there was a show on tv that aired everyday called "Art Attack!"
Episode of Art Attack!  From approx 5:49 - 7:35 in the clip, you can see his aerial artwork from start to finish! It's really cool and I remember watching it with my kids when they were small and thinking what happens to this work afterwards? Some of his shows he literally goes around a large gathering of food on picnics tables and uses the food as props! The end result is stunning from an aerial perspective and has lots of footage of the show.  The host of the show, Eric Bucannhan was rumoured to have died (from an art attack?).  I did some research and infact he's alive and well, but not exactly sure what he's up to.  I decided to do a bit of my own aerial artwork with some landfill around the Tommy Thompson Park, and all I could pretty much carry were multi-cultured bricks! I did manage to spell out have a nice day..Unfortunately no one could quite get high enough over the artwork to really revel in its beauty !  :^P