Don River Ravine in the Autumn!

Lower Don River
Off path of lower don trail
There are so many Discovery Walks in Toronto.  In a real sense the walks link people with nature in all corners of the city.  The amalgamation of the boroughs of Toronto in 2000 brought about some change in preserving our natural heritage.  The City and the Conversation Authority have worked to improve several features which included vegitation communities as well as the city's watersheds.  The pictures of the Don River you see today, look much different than that of even 10 years ago.  Believe it or not, there was a time, when the storm water and sewage ran directly into the Don, thankfully direct access is blocked by culverts, watersheds and smaller storm sewers before reaching our rivers and streams.   In fact there are at least 6 sewers plus a number of culverts that empty along the stretch of the Don.  
The Lower Don River

Environmental causes and groups crop up all over all the in and around major cities.  It's almost become trendy and fad to 'go green', save the planet, save our waters.  It's a good thing and from I see, work has paid off and will continue for generations to come.