Halloween Screeemmers

 It's that time of year again at the Toronto Exhibition Place, where "Canada's Ultimate Haunted Houses' are showcased in SCREEMERS!' THE SCARE IS EVERYWHERE! 

Thats me in the back, lookin at my camera!! My pretty niece in the front!
Your first scare may happen when you see the prices at the ticket booth! Luckily I met up with family and my sis in law had coupons which are available, so check in advance to see where you can pick some up.  Once inside, you'll find the Queen Elizabeth building is pretty spacious for the event.  Ghouls, Slashers, Ghosts and Mad-men wandering around aimlessly.  Mock cemeteries and fortune tellers.   There are 6 Haunted Houses to go through and we were only really able to get to 3 of them - !  The Asylum, DARKNESS (my fave) and The Slasher Wax Museum.  What was really enough to make you SCREEEEM were the long lineups getting into these houses! 
Long line ups : (  for each haunted House!

The Free Rides!!
Okay for the good news...Yes!! I SCREEEMED - many times actually much to my surprise, and yes, the 'actors' who make this event really fun did a great job! There was a lot of attention to detail as well.  As well there are free rides that are available to everyone, once you are inside and you can go on the 'ScRaMBleR' or the Ferris Wheel, or the "Freak Out" (yes that freaked me out)!! I found this on YouTube that someone else had recorded of the same exact ride The Freak Out Ride 

My brother lookin a HIS camera (hey it runs in the family :)
Just your average ghoul

My Black Widow Costume
We all had a great time and I really don't think you can be too young or old to enjoy HALLOWEEN!! What isn't there to like? All the candy you can eat and dressing up to be anything you want to be! This year I am "the Black Widow"