Fall Colours at Taylor Creek

 The Taylor Creek Park trail (also known as the Massey Creek trail) were named from two well known families that had historical ties to the area in the early 1800's.  The Trail follows a major stream that forks and flows to form the Lower Don River (the East Don, and this tributary).  
It is such a peaceful and beautiful area with entrances that are so secluded from the Cities core, it just feels like your own private forest.  By travelling southwest on the trail you will end up at Lower Don Trail which will take you parallel to the Don Valley parkway and downtown Toronto. 

Taylor Creek Park and trail is 16 kilometers long and runs from the Sheppard and Victoria Park and flows diagonally under Hwy 401 at Pharmacy.  It continues with on and off watershed and diverted interruptions until it spills out into the Don River.  

Since 1993 with the help of citizens and other environmental groups called, "Friends of the Don East (FODE), there has been much pressure put on the City to reduce the storm water flow into the Taylor Massey Creek much.  In 2003, the City implemented the Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan which will do just that and improve the habitat in the creek for fish and other water organisms living there.