Fir Valley Woods Trail

 Chances are if you're doing a search on Fir Valley Woods Trail you won't find much; that's probably because if you blink you'll miss it. 

Fir Valley Woods Trail is a small spot of forest off Warden Avenue between St. Clair and Danforth avenues.  There are no bike paths, or concrete foot paths anywhere, but that isn't to say that Fir Valley isn't without its unique charms. 

There is a broken bridge that overpasses the Taylor (or Massey) creek and I suspect that this trail is pretty much left unattended by the City of Toronto, unless there is some unforeseen danger or emergency which takes place here. 

The Fir Valley Woods trail covers a land space of approximately 1.5 hectares.  It contains a watershed tunnel, a steep hill, a small cluster of fir trees (of course) and an exit adjacent the Warden subway station. 

If you follow out towards St. Clair Avenue you will get to the entrance of a much larger trail called Warden Woods.