Heber Downs Conservation Area

Further exploration of Parks and Trails in Ontario brought us to the Heber Downs Conservation Area located in Whitby, Ontario.  It offers a myriad of recreational activities such as camping and hiking.  Lynde Creek runs through the wetlands, and is a cold water stream which supports a variety of fish including brook trout, mottled sculpin and redside dace (which is currently at risk).

Good land and water practices will ensure the survival of this endangered species in Lynde creek.  Recently volunteered for community clean up and some planted trees in the area.  We were told that the cause of the risk is from pollution (siltation - sediments in the water), urbanization and the disappearance of vegetation.  Apparently we can all help in the effort by reducing storm water runoff by placing rain barrels under our downspouts and planting trees and shrubs that are native to the area.  

Other ways to help clean up the downstream water is to practice De-icing instead of salt.  Protection of the stream banks is important and of course we all know to avoid the use of pesticides.  

What is left to see can be enjoyed all year long, as they are apparently quite busy when the snow falls, for the cross country skiers as well.  Some pictures that were taken later in the day.   

A great place to take the kids, or to camp overnight, Heber Down is about 5 kms of flat and at times slight sloped hills that offer many scenic views of this natural valley.