Ashbridges Bay Park

Ashbridges Bay Park located off lakeshore Blvd east of Coxwell avenue is busy all year round, but comes to life during the spring and summer months!  Popular activities include biking, rollerblading, volleyball and sunbathing!

Located in Asbridge's Bay Park is the Ashbridge's Bay yacht Club'; the club dates back to 1932 and moved into its present quarters in 1977.  The park has public boat launches that are available on the first-come, first-served basis, as well as moorings for day use only.  There is also a boardwalk along the shoreline, playground area, water fountains, and a seasonal washroom; the park is a popular spot for family picnics and windsurfing.

As you pass through Ashbridge bay on any given weekend you can smell the charcoal of bbq permeating the air and large family gatherings starting out early to reserve a spot of grass by the beach.  It’s been a tradition for as long as I can remember. The playground is full with happy, screaming kids with their parents as the gulls hover above waiting for more of what remains of a wonderful meal.    As the sun goes down, Ashbridge bay will be lit up for moonlight lovers on the boardwalk.