Samuel Smith Park

Recently, we decided last minute to join the others for the 9th annual ‘Sam Smith’ park Clean up on Earth day (Sunday Aprll 22nd).  Sponsored by the city, garbage bags, water and snacks are provided.  Armed with shovels, boots, gloves and rakes, it wasn’t long before the chatter stopped and the work began. 
Toronto still holds a large funding for its Parks and Recreation department, partnered with the Roads it maintains an excellent level of cleanliness all year long.  Shorelines are always bringing in the odd surprises wave after wave, so our work didn’t go in vain.  Unfortunately though while my good camera is in the shop hopefully getting repaired, I did not bring one on Sunday, but went back today instead to try and take some okay pictures!
I had never been to ‘Samuel Smith Park’ before but decided to add this to my blog under exploring parks and trails in the GTA.  Getting there was a great opportunity for us to take the Longbranch streetcar route which incidentally is the longest route on the Transit system. 
The Longbranch route loops into Samuel Smith park.  I was surprised to learn that Colonel Samuel Smith Park was once considered a former weekend getaway for Torontonians in the Victorian Era.   A wide open scenic trail includes hiking along the peninsula on Lake Ontario.  The waterfront has access to rocky beaches, great views including the City of Toronto famous CN Tower along the skyline.  Other activities include bird and boat watching, photography, picnics, and a playground for children to play in.  The observation desks are accessible for viewing turtles, beavers, and different kinds of fish.  In the Winter months, there is now a new skating trail, but as the warmer weather hopefully will stay for a while, the winter is a distant memory for now.