Crooks Hollow - Greenville

I had written a little about the history of Crooks Hollow as a developing industrial boom-town in the early 1800's founded by James Crooks, who was a visionary. (see link for Darnley Ruins).

But even long before James Crooks inhabited this land, this historical trail of Crooks Hollow attracted early settlers here as well.  About a hundred years earlier, King George III of England granted some land to some Early United Empire Loyalists who had fled the United States coming from Niagara to the western part of Lake Ontario, shortly before the end of the American Revolution.   


If you want to delve even deeper into the historical past of Crooks Hollow, there are plenty of good reading on the history of the Natives that settled in the area, hunting and fishing in Spencer Creek, that was between 1650-1700's.  During this time there was plenty of feuding  between Hurons and the Iroquouis.  A third tribe emerged as well known as the "Neutrals" because they refused to fight.  Eventually the great war between the Natives ended in and around what is now known as Dundurn Park.  In this battle, the "Neutral" Nation vanished completely.

Present day the historical Crooks Hollow trail is enjoyed all year long and is free for everyone.  The trail is about 1.5 km long and is nestled in a crook of this peaceful and beautiful small town, the Crooks Hollow.