Petticoat Creek Conservation Area (Waterfront Trail)

A quick climb up the escarpment from the Lakefront down below and somehow ended up into a residential area, right about here  .  Didn't take long before a familiar sign was spotted and back onto the Waterfront Trail.  A few minutes away, an old wooden painted sign on top of a fencepost, says "Petticoat Creek Conservation Area".  Here you are a ways from the beach but instead atop of the escarpment looking out onto Lake Ontario.  This particular stretch will take you eastward from Rouge Hill to Frenchman's Bay (now entering into western Pickering).  This portion of the trail is well maintained with beautiful lawns and gardens and resembles very much the beautiful garden landscapes I've seen in photographs from my grandmother's scrapbook from Ramsgate, England.  This is the stuff dreams are inspired by, and I don't think in retrospect my photos have done it justice.  

Followed the trail to the Beachfront Park.  Back again for some further adventures.