Rouge Hill Park and Trail (part of Waterfront trail)

The Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail stretches along the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence river.  It starts somewhere in southwestern Ontario from Niagara to Grimsby, then moves northeast from Hamilton to Toronto, Pickering to Port Hope, and Coburg to Quinte West.  Further northeast still, it continues from Belleville to Napanee, southeast Kingston to Brockville, and finally northeast to Quebec.

This particular point of the Waterfront Trail starts from the Rouge Hill Park and takes you into an area of lush trees and forest valleys.  Duck, geese, and other water fowl and swamp creatures inhabit this area and co-exist with fisherman, boatman, swimmers, and nature lovers. 

A snake shedding its skin, and leaving it on top of a wooden post gives you an example of some of the things you'll see.  This portion of the Waterfront Trail has paved walkways and easy access to the beach.  But who wants easy? Going off the trails into the woods make for far more interesting adventures and it wasn't look before more private beach areas were discovered!  Abandoned and forgotten, most likely due to the Pickering Power Plant off into the distant horizon this portion of beachfront had picnic benches buried in time, and debris littered the area from pop cans to street signs.

After some quiet discoveries and taking some time to take in the beauty of the Lake, we're back on the tried and true trail continuing eastward towards the Petticoat Creek Conservation Area.