Hendrie Valley - Burlington

An old Plymouth down in the Valley
If you're looking for a really special trail hike that's fun for everyone, including young kids, you've got to check out Hendrie Valley.  Hendrie Valley slopes downward into Grindstone Creek which starts above the Escarpment in Flamborough.  It's one of the main tributaries that flows into the Hamilton area.

I recognize this place and the familiar 50 hectare marsh and the river mouth where geese and goslings and other fowl lay to rest.  The area has major access point along Plains Road, including the RBG Centre and the Cherry Hill Gate.  There are four sanctuaries (Hendrie Valley, Cootes, Rock Chapel and Berry Tract).  

Geese and Goslings
After doing some reading later about Hendrie, I didn't realize how popular this trail is for bird and animal watching.  Bring lots bird seed if you plan on taking this amazing hike in Burlington, because the chickadees are not shy.  I'll be adding more pics to this entry later.  If you are coming down, enter the Hendrie Valley trail from the end of Valley Inn Road, where there is parking.

You'll notice some bird feeders at the start of trail, and from what I've read, you will see plenty of species of birds along the trail.  Along with other forms of wildlife, including native fish that spawn in a protected area, turtles, chipmunks and muskrats.

Overall, it's to become one of my favorite trails to see in Burlington and I can't wait to get back on it again! Don't forget to bring plenty of seeds and nuts!