Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

A few more pictures to add of the Forks of Credit Provincial Park.  This park offers a different kind of twist to your usual hiking experience.  Normally when hiking, you travel through forested areas, but this hike was mostly through fields and meadows (my fave!) that surrounds the mouth of a beautiful gorge.
 So there's a variety that's all its own!  You've got staircases along the gorge to challenge yourself as well as the Credit River to enjoy.  There are ruins to explore, waterfalls to photograph and hills to climb, with meadows to enjoy. 
There were families everywhere enjoying this popular hiking destination.  Kids were running along the paths where the grass grew well over their heads.  

This time of year the butterflies are heading to Mexico, where they tend to make their way south.  It's hard to believe that Monarchs can actually make their way there and come back in the spring.  Their lifespan can actually do this for 2 to 3 generations.  Amazing little creatures aren't they? 

I don't usually stand still long enough to catch a glimpse of the variety of birds that have made their homes in the trees here.  There are grass snakes that slither among the trails too, so watch out for them!

The waterfalls, are lovely, and you can take a nice trek down the stairs that bring you closer to the river.  Once back up again, you can rest overlooking Kettle Lake.  The lake was created by glaciers 10,000 years ago.   I will come back again to try and explore more of the trails again.  If you ever get a chance to go, its in Caledon just off Highway 10.  Its a little bit of a distance from the main highway, but I promise you, its worth the search!