Spencer Gorge in Dundas

What a gorgeous view from up top of the Spencer Gorge in Dundas. Just an abundance of fall colors.  A recent trip to Websters/ Tews Falls in Dundas brought in amazing fall colors through my camera lens as you can see.  The rain again, fell in torrents as it had been lately but that just made the whole experience all the more enchanting.

I can't believe I haven't spoken/written enough about the Spencer Gorge in Greensville.  It truly is one of the most remarkable landmarks in Ontario.  

Parking lots are off Short Road, and Fallsview Road.  There's a $10 charge for parking and this in and of itself I don't mind if I am helping the Hamilton Conservation Authority, or paying for maintenance, but if we're paying to see something like Websters Falls for example, I don't want to have to risk myself to climb over or around a fence that is put up to prevent me from seeing that which I am paying to see in the first place.  

There were plenty of us that searched for alternate ways around the stairs.  There were no obstructions, or missing steps that would warrant a fence to be put up.  In fact what I saw were people risking their lives more to get to the falls with the fence being put up.  Hopefully a reconsideration will occur on this or lower the cost of entry.  

And now back to the Wow, honestly there isn't anything like this!  

For directions and some more info: CLICK HERE