Highland Creek Watershed (Brimley Woods)

Recently passed by a small woodland lot at the corner of Finch and Brimley Road, called Brimley Woods (which incidentally is also another component of the Highland Creek watershed).  Brimley Woods is essential to the health of the watershed by absorbing air pollutants as well as to provide a habitat for plants and wildlife such as hawks and songbirds.  In the spring and summer the entire area is surrounded by wildflowers.

The "Highland" is an urban creek running over 85 kilometres through an area of about 100 square kilometres.  Although today, it's become the most developed watershed in all of Toronto, there are still remnant forests like this one, which are vital green space that contain trails of which can provide recreational opportunities all year round as well.

I remember when I was in high school, we had to meet up in the mornings at a local forest much like this one to do a recreational course as part of our phys ed class.  The signs indicate what exercise is required and the bars are permanently installed for exercise aids.  

Brimley Woods is an example of the conservation efforts and strategies between the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority with the City of Toronto and community organizations  all for the common good to improve health of the Highland and its neighbourhoods.   

The next time you explore your neighbourhood parks and trails, you can help by recycling your bottles and cans, or picking up any lose garbage that somehow doesn't make its way to the trash.  Keep active by joining or organizating neighbourhood nature walks, doing private tree planting, or establishing rain gardens in your own backyard.