Humber Bay Park (Waterfront Trail)

With much more time on my hands now to explore photography and the world around me I am looking forward to doing more of what I love to do and that is to take photographs.

One of my favorite parks in western Toronto is the Humber Bay Park.  

The Park was created by MTRCA with 5.1 million cubic metres of lakefill and the peninsulas officially opened in June 1984 divided into east and west by Mimico Creek, which runs through its grounds to empty into Lake Ontario.
The ducks had something to say...

The Humber Bay Park winds along an asphalt path, crossing a two-way paved road that has a 30kph speed limit and is fairly quiet but requires some caution.  The trail runs back to Lakeshore Blvd from here, but you might want to spend a few minutes on the pedestrian path that goes south to the Metro Police marine unit.

Trail users can also take the road that makes its way from Lakeshore Blvd throught the park to a turn-around point at the water; this road runs past the gates of the Mimico Crusing Club and the Etobicoke Yacht Club, down to a scenic lookout along the shore.

If you prefer to stay on the Waterfront Trail, the next section covers approximately 1.2 km on Lakeshore Blvd.  It passes Humber Bay Park east , but you can detour into the park, if you wish, to a broad asphalt path that takes you to the middle of the park where you will find three ponds.

The three ponds are the scene of many activities including model boating. 

From here, the walkway is made of screened limestone and winds throughout the grounds, leading to various scenic look-out points along the river.
Um..I think this is a snow woman :)



Note: even though the lighting on these photographs are different, all pictures were taken at various times of the day...