The Big Apple in Colborne

I thought I'd mention the 'Big Apple' as a side trip on the Waterfront Trail.  Actually if you've ever seen it off of Highway 401, you might be surprised to know that the people of Colbourne have put the apple on a pedestal-quite literally.   The town has become famous for their 'Big Apple' Hey not even New York has one this big! 

It's more than 10 metres high and 38 tonnes in mass, making it the biggest apple in the world.  Located a few minutes north of downtown Colbourne its a year round park.  The main building has a tourist centre, gift shop, bakery (apple pies perhaps?) and two restaurants.

I don't have any young kids anymore, but it is a neat place for everyone as it has a mini golf range, picnic and play areas and in the warmer months a petting zoo.  There's also a working beehive, which I'd like to check out someday.  Of course you'd be viewing from behind the safety of plexi-glass, but I love bees!  You can see them busy at work making honey.  Did you know that without bees polinating the apple blossoms, the trees wouldn't bear fruit...but that's another story.