Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Honor of Steve Stavros, former owner Maple Leafs
This post is in follow up to the recent trip through Rosedale Belt-line trail which continued through David Balfour Park.  In that I had indicated you could enter the trail through Mount Pleasant Cemetery from the south.  In the picture below you can see just off Moore Avenue in Toronto, where the entrance is to the belt-line trail to Moore Park Ravine on the north and Mount Pleasant on the south.  I didn't realize that I had been there before, but I began recognizing some of the familiar statues.  

In a minute or two a jogger went by, and then a couple of cyclists had pulled over to hover under an elm tree because of a sudden downpour.     The pictures appear a little moody as was the day they were taken.  Within a span of an hour there was rain, sun, wind and even hail.  I've never seen such a switch like that before, but spring in Ontario can be like that. 

Eaton Mausoleum
Mount Pleasant Cemetery on left, Moore Park on the right
Mount Pleasant Cemetery is situated from Yonge Street in the west to Bayview Avenue in the east and is divided right down the middle by Mount Pleasant Road, hence the name.  It began in 1873 as a 200 acre piece of luscious farmland with rolling hills and 12 kms of carriage drives throughout.   The setting was so unique with its distinct and rare trees and botanical gardens.   What added to its establishment and to its wonderful reputation made it a final resting place for many famous people and the grounds are said to be the most beautiful in the world.  
Royal Air Force
What made this place so special was that it was a resting place for all people.  Not just those of a specific religious denomination.  

Prior to Mount Pleasant Cemetery, believe it or not only people of Roman Catholic church were allowed to be buried within the city limits.  This is what makes the foundation of this place so beautiful.
You will be amazed by the architecture and the ruins and in fact it was designated by the National Historic society as a National Historic site in Canada in 2000.

War Monument
Some of the more famous people on the grounds are people such as Timothy Eaton (Eatons), magnate of Eatons company and Steve Stavro, founder of Knob Hill Farms, and former owner of the Leafs. There are several Mayors of Toronto, Premiers of Ontario, and other politicians like Sir Lyon MacKenzie.  My favorite scientists ever, Banting and Best and several war veterans.  
ewwww.....a worm!
The tree collection has grown into North America's finest arboretums, and with it come the birds and other wildlife, that contribute to it's park-like setting.  I still only get pictures of robins since they are the easiest.  :) Artists have created wonderful monuments and sculptures which you'll see throughout.     An epitaph on a plaque, a statue of strength and a myriad of memories of people of all walks of life.